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Optimising Rest Day Recovery with a Summer Tang Smoothie Crushie

Posted by Chloe Hawkins on

With today being a rest day from an intense week of training, as well as a beautiful warm sunny Sunday, I decided to make something a little different from my usual afternoon Smoothie... 

✖️Summer Tang Smoothie Crushie ✖️

• 1 scoop of PranaOn Intra Strength in Pomegranate or Blood Orange flavour
• 3 Oranges*
(peeled, chopped and chilled. Can also be frozen prior if preferred)
• 1 Handful of baby spinach*
• Coconut Water (preservative free is best! I recommend Cocobella as the best tasting)
• 1 cup of Alkaline filtered water ice cubes
*organic preferred

Add the Oranges, baby spinach & Intra Strength into a Nutri bullet cup.

Fill the cup with coconut water till it reaches about half way up.

Add in your ice cubes and blitz!!

Serve in a glass with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint to garnish! Or just drink straight from the cup 😉

Having PranaOn Intra Strength on a "rest day" is a great way to maximise on your muscle and body recovery process.
Packed full of Branched Chain Amino Acids, Nitrates, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, plus both flavours taste delicious!
Perfect for supporting your growth & muscle tissue repair as well as supporting the body's immune system! 🙌🏼🍊🌱💪🏼 Definitely was a nutritious & delicious hydrating addition to my relaxing Sunday afternoon! 


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