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How to make the Ultimate Green Smoothie!

Posted by Chloe Hawkins on

Add plant powered fuel to your body and get the most out of your day with one of my all time favourite, nutrient packed, delicious green smoothies!!

This smoothie is so quick & easy to make! My go to for when I'm super busy but want to make sure I still get my protein & nutrients in each day.

✖️Ultimate Greens Smoothie Recipe✖️

- Organic Baby Spinach 
- Prana Super Greens in Original flavour
- Prana White Chocolate Phyto Fire Protein
- Prana Rich Chocolate Power Plant Protein
- Organic Almond Milk
- Coconut Water
- Organic Cinnamon powder
- Raw Organic Cacao powder

Quantity of each ingredient can be measured complimenting  your desired consistency & individual taste.

➕Blend it all up in a Nutri Bullet/blender with some filtered water ice cubes and drink. For added deliciousnes & a little more energy, add in a medium banana (During the warmer months of the year I usually add in a frozen banana and eat the Smoothie with a spoon, as it almost makes it feel like I'm eating ice cream!).

This smoothie is full of micronutrients & macronutrients including - magnesium, chlorophyll, b vitamins, iron & sooo much more! Plus the goodness of bioavailable & fermented  plant based proteins, probiotics and alkalising greens.

Enjoy x


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